CURRENT BID $175,000 - Buy it Now for $200,000:  The origional 1 of 1 Sacha Jafri painting, ‘Art, Hope and Health’ has a current bid of $175,000. Buy it Now by selecting $200,000 or submitt your bid to Rare, signed and numbered limited edition canvas prints of the original painting are available for purchase.  To shop the limited edition prints, click here now.


‘Art, Hope and Health’ is a rare opportunity to acquire the highly sought-after art of Sacha Jafri and make an important contribution to creating a future with mind-brain health for all.


Inspired by Carlyle’s recent Mind-Brain Health Summit, which was co-hosted by Prince Albert II’s Monaco Private Label, Sacha Jafri has generously created a signed, limited-edition work of art titled ‘Art, Hope and Health’. Proceeds of sale of the art will benefit mind-brain health research programs supported by Triumph Over Alzheimer’s.

Sacha Jafri - 'Art, Hope and Health', Original 1 of 1 Painting, 9 feet x 7 feet

  • Original Painting

    1 of 1 created


    About 9 feet wide x 7 feet high