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"Family Wealth-Holders Charting the Course of  Impact Investing and Philanthropy"

Carlyle is a community of family wealth-holder peers that share a commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in areas of national and global importance through selective impact investing and philanthropy. The programs and resources we deploy are developed in consultation with our Members to accomplish their individual mission and objectives.

There are three defining qualities of the Carlyle community:


    A Commitment to Advancing Knowledge and Innovation: In collaboration with our partners, the community shares a commitment to advancing knowledge and transformational innovation.


    A Passion for Beneficial Impact: We are dedicated to the proposition that with wealth comes social responsibility and  the opportunity to create beneficial impact through philanthropy and selective investing.


    Access to the Resources Required: In collaboration with our partners, we provide the Carlyle community with the resources required to accomplish their individual objectives by:​

       1. Providing an environment rooted in trust and authenticity, which enables                          collaboration and relationship building amongst peers.

       2. Enabling access to knowledge and the sharing of expertise.

       3. Creating the opportunity to selectively engage with talented innovators from the           private-sector and leading research institutions from around the world.

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