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Carlyle provides family wealth-holders with the specialized resources, which are often difficult to access, required to develop and implement their individual investment and philanthropy objectives.  These resources include:

Collaboration Amongst Peers: Providing members with an authentic environment which enables collaboration amongst family wealth-holders and sovereign wealth fund representatives, and the potential to establish partnerships.

Access Specialized Knowledge: Enabling access to some of the world’s most accomplished subject-matter experts, who collectively possess the expertise and resources required to advance knowledge and innovation.

Selective Engagement with the World’s Leading Innovators: Creating the opportunity to engage with compelling innovators from the private-sector, research institutions and foundations that are advancing innovation for transformational impact.

Scale Resources and Impact: Enabling the integration of like-minded family wealth-holders and sovereign wealth fund representatives to scale financial resources, capabilities and infrastructure for specific initiatives in both the for-profit business sector and the not-for-profit sector.

Due Diligence: Access to objective and insightful due diligence of scientific, financial, commercial, and regulatory considerations associated with organizations and technologies being considered for an investment or philanthropic gift.

Focus Areas: Our principal areas of focus include health and wellness, sustainability, education, the arts and culture.

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