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Global Summits

Since its founding, Carlyle Summits have served as a champion of civil dialogue. The Principals and Advisors of Carlyle have developed over 50 Summits hosted in partnership with leading institutions in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Carlyle Summits are by-invitation gatherings of our family-wealth holder and sovereign wealth fund community, hosted by accomplished institutions with participation by foundations and world-class innovators from both the private-sector and not-for-profit sector.  Examples of areas of interest of our Members include health and wellness, sustainability, education, the arts and culture.

The objectives of Carlyle Summits are to engage with peers beyond an existing network of relationships, to share knowledge and experience, to enable relationship building, and to support innovation through philanthropy and impact investing.  A defining quality of Carlyle Summits is our shared desire for collaboration combined with a passion for action and durable results.

To explore the possibility of participating in a Carlyle Global Summit, please contact us to schedule a conversation.


Call-to-Action Forums 

Curated and organized on behalf of individual family wealth-holders, their foundations and private-sector organizations, we selectively help convene Carlyle Call-to-Action Forums and working sessions.  Carlyle Call-to-Action Forums are focused on accelerating the advancement of specific initiatives.

Typical objectives are to engage with peers

beyond an existing network of relationships, to access specialized knowledge, to share experience and to accelerate action for a specific initiative.

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Eureka moments don't just happen, but under the right circumstances and with the required expertise, they can be created. Carlyle Global Summits help create 'eureka' moments for our community of family wealth-holders and innovators.