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Philanthropy for Durable Impact

In addition to for-profit initiatives and investments, Carlyle helps Members plan and grow their programs in philanthropy.  The philanthropic programs and resources we deploy are developed in consultation with our members to help each family accomplish their individual mission and objectives. Based on a family's objectives, we work with them to identify and evaluate mission-aligned candidates for a philanthropic gift. 

The philanthropic awards made by Carlyle’s Members typically include unrestricted gifts, grants, and program related investments.  Carlyle assist Members in monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the beneficial impact of their philanthropic gifts.

Philanthropy in the Arts and Culture

Carlyle’s family wealth-holders and sovereign wealth fund representatives are motivated supporters of the arts and culture. Carlyle’s Members have provided philanthropic gifts to institutions around the world including leading art museums, documentary film producers, the performing arts and philharmonic orchestras. Members are also engaged in providing financial resources to help restore and preserve historically important homes, together with culturally significant landmarks and buildings.

At the request of Carlyle's members, and supported by Carlyle's philanthropically motivated families, the we provide support for individuals and organizations advancing knowledge and innovation in areas of national and global importance.  Our focus areas include health and wellness, education, sustainability, the arts and culture.


Our Foundations also convene, support and organize Carlyle Summits and thought-leader working sessions devoted to advancing knowledge and innovation.  The objectives of the summits and thought leader working sessions are to convene a ‘Beneficial Community of Influence’ which include accomplished and difficult-to-access leaders that collectively possess the knowledge, capabilities, relationships and financial resources required for beneficial impact.  To learn more, contact us here.

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