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How do I participate in a Carlyle Global Summit?  Carlyle Global Summits are by-invitation convenings of our community and innovators from around the world from both the not-for-profit and private sector.  If you would like to discuss eligibility to receive an invitation to attend a Carlyle Global Summit, please contact us to schedule a conversation.  Learn more about Carlyle Summits.


How do I find out more about the potential to host a Carlyle Global Summit?  Carlyle Global Summits are hosted by accomplished institutions from around the world that are engaged in compelling innovation or have a shared interest in philanthropy and impact investing.  We welcome discussions with potential hosts, where the opportunity may exist to create a mutually beneficial collaboration for the Carlyle community and our hosting partner.  To schedule an exploratory discussion about hosting a Carlyle Global Summit please contact us.


I have a specific initiative that might benefit from a private discussion or working session with members of the Carlyle community, could this be a fit for a Carlyle Call-to-Action Forum?  Carlyle Call-to-Action Forums are a resource for our Members, their foundations and private-sector companies focused on advancing a specific initiative.  If you are seeking to engage with peers beyond your existing network of relationships, access specialized knowledge or accelerate action and results for a project, Carlyle may be able to help subject to identifying objectives that are a fit for members of our community.  To explore the possibility of partnering with Carlyle to convene a Call-to-Action Forum please contact us schedule a discussion.


Are the services and resources of Carlyle Advisors and Consulting available only to family offices?    Subject to your mission and objectives, Carlyle Advisors provides private sector organizations and foundations with access to Carlyle's specialized consulting and relationship building services.  To find out more, please contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion regarding Carlyle Advisors.  Learn more about Carlyle Advisors.